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Author: Vikas Rana. Founder, SEO is still as important as ever and still helping many small to large business thrive online in their respective industries. Read this article to find out how many businesses have been able to grow their business to the next level with this unique marketing technique and why you should
No matter how big of a budget your business has, the main objective is always to get the best returns on your investment. But, in order to grow your business as much as possible, you will also need to invest quite a bit of money, and this can be very hard for a business that
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Many who travel end up creating a travel website at one point or another. This is done for the purpose of journaling their progress, but it can also prove to be a means of profit. There are people who have build up their success as travel bloggers or writers, or even travel photographers. They were
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Author: Vikas Rana Two business in the same niche. One growing at the rate of 200% and other not growing at all. Both started at the same time with similar resources. So what went wrong for the business not growing at all? In this article, we will try to explore the reasons. For many of
Do you want to build up your audience and presence online? Well, content marketing is the way to go. Content marketing is the creation of material for your online account which can include blog posts, videos, photographs, social media posts and story-telling. When done well, content marketing will attract more people interested in the same
Whether you happen to be a business or an individual brand, in this day and age having an online presence is important. This is because of the rapidly increasing number of people who have access to the internet and the opportunities this creates for brands globally. You may be reading this because you want to
google bday

Google completes 20 years today

It’s Google’s 20th birthday today. 20 years ago, two Stanford Ph.D. students decided to launch a search engine that would solve world’s problems. Their mission was to organise information available on world wide web and make it easily available to everyone.  Google has made our life much easier. Any questions, just ask Google. Imagine a
google dataset search
Google has launched a new service dataset search website which will be a companion of sorts to Google Scholar, which has long been a useful tool for academic studies and reports. The purpose of this new service is to help academics, journalists and researchers unearth publicly available data that can aid in their projects. Peviously the researchers used to depend