There are many bloggers or new businesses who wish to start a business around WordPress. It is normal for these bloggers to think that if their website/blog is going to be around WordPress then why not use this keyword in their domain name. So, the million dollar question is – Can we use the keyword
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COVID-19 LIVE: This blog is updated every day… with updates of government support, stimulus support, tips and more.  Stay tuned!   We are trying our best to provide full support to small businesses in Australia. The restrictions imposed on the social gatherings are going up almost every day. This means going virtual or online is the
Today, on 22nd March 2020, Australia announced another massive stimulus package of A$66 billion ($38.2 billion) which dwarfs the first one. Previously, A$17.6 billion stimulus package was announced on March 12. The most vulnerable are given the most priority in this stimulus package. Business from small to medium to large are struggling as a result of lack
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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced $17.6 billion in stimulus measures in response to coronavirus. It’s focused on businesses, but millions of Australians will also receive cash payments. This is a breakdown of who gets what and when. Who will get a stimulus payment? The package targets five major groups. Here’s what each will receive: Welfare
Reaching out to new customers in a new and competitive world does not seem easy. Ever since the world has gone global and there are B2B and B2C businesses throbbing online interface, there is always stiff competition going in disguise. Finding the best time for business-related customers to catch up is not like riding on
A cookie is basically a micro content, which is sent to the browser after an individual visit the website. The purpose of establishing the cookies is to let the website store information that the visitors visited the website or a particular page in the website on a particular day. The information can be either your
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Author: Vikas Rana. Founder, SEO is still as important as ever and still helping many small to large business thrive online in their respective industries. Read this article to find out how many businesses have been able to grow their business to the next level with this unique marketing technique and why you should
No matter how big of a budget your business has, the main objective is always to get the best returns on your investment. But, in order to grow your business as much as possible, you will also need to invest quite a bit of money, and this can be very hard for a business that
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Many who travel end up creating a travel website at one point or another. This is done for the purpose of journaling their progress, but it can also prove to be a means of profit. There are people who have build up their success as travel bloggers or writers, or even travel photographers. They were
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Author: Vikas Rana Two business in the same niche. One growing at the rate of 200% and other not growing at all. Both started at the same time with similar resources. So what went wrong for the business not growing at all? In this article, we will try to explore the reasons. For many of
Do you want to build up your audience and presence online? Well, content marketing is the way to go. Content marketing is the creation of material for your online account which can include blog posts, videos, photographs, social media posts and story-telling. When done well, content marketing will attract more people interested in the same
Whether you happen to be a business or an individual brand, in this day and age having an online presence is important. This is because of the rapidly increasing number of people who have access to the internet and the opportunities this creates for brands globally. You may be reading this because you want to
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Google completes 20 years today

It’s Google’s 20th birthday today. 20 years ago, two Stanford Ph.D. students decided to launch a search engine that would solve world’s problems. Their mission was to organise information available on world wide web and make it easily available to everyone.  Google has made our life much easier. Any questions, just ask Google. Imagine a
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Google has launched a new service dataset search website which will be a companion of sorts to Google Scholar, which has long been a useful tool for academic studies and reports. The purpose of this new service is to help academics, journalists and researchers unearth publicly available data that can aid in their projects. Peviously the researchers used to depend
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As more companies use online chatbots to engage with customers, the computer scientists building these technologies continue finding ways to improve them. One example is the group of Facebook researchers who said in January 2018 that they were working on giving chatbots a consistent personality and teaching them how to ‘chit-chat.’ If you shop or
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Author: Jaqquline Lawrie Instagram is a huge force in the social media world and one that can help build your business and reach people you might not have on other platforms. With over 800 million users on Instagram, it is the largest photo sharing social media application. By utilising Instagram, you will be able to
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So you have decided that you would like to start a business? While the first step towards starting a business can be very exciting, it is important to make a successful and clear plan that you can use going forward into your new venture. There are many important parts when it comes to developing a
Branding mistakes
Developing a strong brand is an important part of creating a reputable and trustworthy business. But, along the line there are many mistakes that can easily be made which will affect your business’ reputation, and have the potential to make your business seem amateur. For many small businesses, the idea of branding can be foreign,
Top Google searches 2017
Google has just released the list of things people searched the most in 2017. Want to look back in year 2017 to find out the most fascinating events that happened in 2017 or most talked about actor or sport? Want to know what news item was most searched and what technology create the most interest?
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Google has a long history of famous algorithm updates, search index changes and refreshes. But what does that mean for you and your business? Businesses need to be aware of updates and changes to search engines to be able to best provide their services. Vikas Rana, owner of SEO business Website, says understanding changes is
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B2B marketing is best described as business-to-business communication through various methods, with the main method being content. There has been a massive shift in the marketing world over the past 5 years, and leading into 2018 it is only going to continue to evolve. Meaningful content that ticks all the boxes; value, creativity, and steps
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Website design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are two of the most important first steps you take towards developing a successful business. Launching a business with a poor website and limited SEO, is like building a house with the incorrect groundwork; it is likely that your business won’t be as successful as you hoped. Website
Every business has their own tech, marketing and social media needs within their organisation. But, with the thousands of tech websites, marketing platforms and social media organisers, it becomes a blur of what is right and wrong. So how do you know which one is best suited to your company? It’s a matter of shopping
As discussed in SEO tip 1, you now have two to three pages that are most important to start with. Another important part of SEO is keyword research. You now have to finalise a set of keywords relevant to your niche. The purpose is – we will use these keywords in our SEO campaigns to
So, you have found the perfect topic you want to talk about- but the question remains… how often do you post and how long should these posts be? There are many posts out there advising on ideal length of blogs for SEO purpose. Some say things like “blogs over 1000 words rank better”. Ideal Blog
Before moving to the first tip in this 100 SEO tips blog series, you must remember one thing- To understand SEO in short, “SEO is all about optimising the pages and working on external factors to build authority for your website pages. ” You can also read SEO explained for more details.  Tip 1/100 If
Author- Phoebe Doherty Both released a couple of years apart, WordPress and Drupal are giant players in the CMS market, however WordPress has gained more popularity over the years- in fact 10 times more popularity. But is it 10 times better? Our SEO specialist Vikas Rana believes they both have they their excellent features, but
If you’re one of those who are still thinking whether you need SEO or not, this list of SEO benefits is definitely going to help you. In fact, you will be thankful you read this. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to maximise organic traffic from search engines such as Google,
Ten years ago, SEO Content was a blasphemous word, it was all about keywords and keyword density ruled the ranking page content. Today, Google has completely reshuffled the deck and quality content is the king. Search engine optimisation has completely evolved into search experience optimisation, which benefits everyone. Spam techniques wont work anymore. Vikas Rana,
If you’re in pursuit of some proven ways to get quality traffic to your online store to increase your sales, then this is the post for you. Online traffic is not some divine right for any site, each store or portal must work hard to attract visitors and to keep them coming back. Quality traffic