General Questions

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation- a digital marketing technique to optimise the site based on more than 200 factors recommended by search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. For more details, checkout this blog: SEO explained.

Different SEO professionals may have a different style of working. At WebsiteFix, we follow Google’s guidelines and more than 200 factors mentioned by Google. We research the keywords relevant to client’s industry and optimise the site for these keywords.

Complete website audit is performed and SEO related issues are fixed.

Once on page SEO is done then we move on to the off-page SEO- external factors that affects your site’s ranking such as BACKLINKS.

Many business owners fall in the trap of inexperienced SEOs and end up having low quality backlinks done to their site which end up hurting their site in long run.

At WebsiteFix, we have set up various quality standards and only high authority sites are used for backlink purpose. Then we do brain storming to organise the blog ideas around your products or services. Our skilled writers write content for you and these blogs are published on external sites to get quality backlinks for our clients.

Our Snr SEO consultants have built-up the connections with these external resources/ blog sites in last 9+ years. The clients enjoy the benefit of higher search rankings and high organic traffic as a result of these quality external resources.

Backlinks are the links made from an external site to your site. Either your site's URLs itself or a keyword (aka Anchor text) can be used to link from an an external site to yours. Quality of these backlinks highly affect your rankings. The businesses who hire in-experienced SEOs sometimes end up getting low quality backlinks which backfire and hurt the SEO strategy in long run.

At WebsiteFix, our backlinks strategy is based on content strategy & content marketing to acquire high quality links from external authority sites.

Yes, you can. When competition is high, we can start with long tail keywords or keyword variants- these keywords are easier to achieve and still have good search volume. The keyword research plays a vital role here.  Once a fair bit of authority is built around your site, then we can also target more competitive keywords.

You’ll need skilled SEO professional, someone who is experienced enough to achieve first page rankings in high competition industry. For instance, WebsiteFix has been ranking on top of first page of Google for a very competitive keyword “SEO Services Brisbane” consistently for last few years. We achieved this within 6 months of launching our site back then and still ranking. We've achieved first page rankings for many of our existing clients in very competitive industry and we can achieve the same for you regardless of the competition in your industry.

Different companies or SEO Consultant of course may have different charges for their service but in general it may cost around $600- $1000 for small business and $1000-$2000 for medium size business. The price also depends on the competition in your industry and many other factors.

If you're looking for a price quote, let us know your website name so we can perform an audit and send you a free quote.