Our Team

SEO services

Vikas Rana

SEO Consultant, Founder
Vikas is a digital marketing expert with over a decade of experience in SEO. Over a 12-year journey, Vikas’ personal & business ethos is to use his experience to ensure other companies thrive. WebsiteFix Digital is his way of reaching out to lend a hand, having faith in your business’s success. Overall, in the last 10+ years, Vikas has helped over 100 SMEs – small, medium and even ASX listed companies.

Kerry Williams

Kerry is our Snr. Content writer who helps us with implementing content strategy for our clients. She is originally from England but now lives in Australia. She loves travelling and often writes about her travel stories in her personal blog. Content is important for our client's success. Kerry works with our SEO team for a successful content plan for each client at WebisteFix Digital.


Suryakant is a website developer with over 9 yrs of experience in web design, development, server and hosting management. Suryakant works on maintaining client's website and works on technical issues, website redesign, hosting management and overall security of the sites.


Ruth is a content writer with over 5 yrs of experience in blogging and content writing. She helps us with quality blogs that we need for our online marketing, off-page SEO and promotions. Ruth loves photography and exploring new places.

Simran Kaur

Simran has over 5 yrs experience in SEO and helps us with a variety of SEO tasks and implementation of our SEO strategy. She holds a degree in marketing and skilled in SEO, Google Ads and Google Analytics. Simran is passionate about digital marketing. She also loves exploring new places on weekends and spending time with friends.