Mediatimes is Brisbane’s leading news and lifestyle blog.

Service provided: Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services

Outcome: Currently, site attracts 25,000+ page views traffic each year

Date: 2012

The site started in 2012. We created design for Mediatimes in 2012 from scratch and prepared SEO strategy including content marketing plan. The challenge was to make this site Brisbane’s leading blog site in travel category. We prepared quality content for this site on the high demand topics. With consistent SEO efforts, the site today ranks for a variety of top keywords and get’s more than twenty five thousand page views each year.

IMAGE 1: Website design (See live website here)


Analytics date. Site attracts 28,000+ page views last year (May 2019- May 2020).  Click on image to zoom.

IMAGE 3:  

site ranks for more than 50 top keywords in the travel category. Some of these keywords are shown here.

  • Ist Column: keywords,
  • 2nd column: search volume and
  • 3rd column is Google rank.



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