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Before moving to the first tip in this 100 SEO tips blog series, you must remember one thing-

To understand SEO in short, “SEO is all about optimising the pages and working on external factors to build authority for your website pages.You can also read SEO explained for more details. 

Tip 1/100

If you are just starting to perform SEO on your site, first thing you should do is to analyse the site and find two to three important pages to start with. You can’t do SEO for all the pages at once. It is recommended to start small.

Mostly these selected pages should be the most important pages for your business, of course.  This is because these pages will eventually build up higher authority compared to other pages as a result of SEO.

note: authority means the pages has built up good trust with search engines such as Google. Higher authority= higher trust= higher ranking.

Download moz bar chrome/firefox extension to check the DA (domain authority) and PA (Page authority) of a site. It is a free tool with upgrade options. THe bar looks like this-

moz bar

With this bar, you can check the PA and DA of any website.


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Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly
07:33 05 Mar 17
WebsiteFix has been an amazing place to work for as a content writer. I enjoyed many opportunities to learn and further develop my skills. There is so much creativity and positive energy from Vikas and the team. The ultimate goal is to help the clients and that really keeps us going.
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Ken Kunin
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Very good folks to work with. They really helped we work through the website and now I understand the system. Thanks WebsiteFix.
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Kelly Friswell
23:52 15 Mar 17
The team at Website Fix were able to get our company listed on page 1 on google in just under 4 months. They are very good at SEO and at competitive prices. Highly recommend.
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Himanshu Dogra
03:13 09 Jan 17
We have been using Website Fix for the past few months and their dedication and professionalism has been second to none. The results and increase in business over that time has let us expand some more options recently. Highly recommended.
Kyle Richardson
Kyle Richardson
01:48 11 Jan 17
I've been with Website Fix for only 3 months now and they've done a great job to push my main keywords to the middle of page 1. The best in SEO for Brisbane
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