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Case Study For Content Marketing

English Wise is based in Sydney and home to a great student-teacher environment. English Wise offers wide range of English Courses such as IELTS, PTE, General English and Spoken English. 



English Wise started to see great potential in a certain market segment which was PTE students. And the purpose of the campaign was to provide a content strategy that would not only give the exposure to the client but also provide an SEO value to client's business website.  

Strategies utilised

  • WebsiteFix worked closely with the client to work out a content plan targeting PTE and IELTS related keywords.
  • A set of articles that would provide value to the students were prepared and published at our partner site Mediatimes.com.au (Brisbane's leading blog site).
  • The articles were promoted at a wide network of social channels of WebsiteFix
  • Within the article, SEO friendly links were added to client's website. The purpose of these links was to provide high quality SEO value and send traffic to client's business website.
  • The articles were followed by the mention of client's brand name and business website.
  • Articles will remain on the Mediatimes site for lifetime and hence will keep providing SEO value and traffic to client's site for lifetime.


As a result of the content strategy and marketing, the referral traffic to client's site increased, site received an SEO value to help their own site rank in Google and a great  exposure to client's brand. 

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Excellent Content Strategy

Great SEO value

High Brand Exposure

From The Client

“Vikas and his team were a great help to provide me an excellent content strategy. Within 3 months my website started seeing an increase in referral traffic. Content strategy worked out very well to provide an overall exposure to my brand. I definitely recommend them!"

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