Avoid these 5 Mistakes on your business website

Overview: There are over 1 billion websites on the world-wide web today. To stand out and create your credibility and trust, you should avoid making these mistakes on your website.

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In last 9 years of working in digital, myriad of websites have crossed my eyes. I often see fundamental mistakes on many of these website which can easily exasperate or annoy any user. These mistakes create an unsatisfactory user experience and leaves a bad impression on your potential clients visiting your site.

1.  No Social Signals

You should display your social presence on your website. This creates your credibility for the first time website visitors. Having a good social presence constructs a good overall brand impression. Having said that, you don’t have to be on every single social networking site out there. You can choose any one or some of the popular and prevailing social platforms that suits more to your industry and establish your presence there.

2.  No clear call to actions

If you’re a business, you may have spent hundreds of dollars on advertising or marketing to get your potential clients on your website. But I noticed many sites do not have clear “call to action”. Users are left confused that they have read everything but where to go next. There are variety of call to actions that you can use such as “call us now”, “fill up this enquiry form now”, “Request a call back” or anything that asks user to perform an action.

However be careful, a plethora of call to actions on the same page can also backfire. Some websites add too many call to actions. User’s attention span online is reducing these days and it is only 15-20 secs. If you give too many options to users they will be left confused.

“the paradox of choice” by famous psychologist Barry Schwartz talks in great detail on this psychology concept. More means less these days. Figure out your business goals and Stay focused. Your web page should be highly focused towards this goal.

3.  No Multimedia

I often see web pages full of text but no multimedia. Those huge amount of text with no formatting and no images are good enough to frighten users and make them leave without even reading any of the text. Like I mentioned earlier, online users have an attention span of just 15-20 secs. Within this time, they will decide whether they wish to spend time on a particular web page or not.

Make your web page as attractive as possible by formatting the text, by adding beautiful images of your product, services, office, or even staff. Having your office video, brand video explaining your product and service, or a testimonial video of your clients talking about your great service can do wonders for your business.

If users spend more time on your site then the chances are they are more likely to buy your product or services. It also reduces the bounce rate which is good for SEO.

4.  No Blogs

1There are still many who think they do not need a blog on their website. But I think that almost every business can create variety of articles around their company, product or service. You can write your article on the latest company updates/news, Press release, and tips related to your product/ service.

Blogs add a great deal of value to users, create good brand impression and helps boost your social following. It is also good for SEO as Google likes fresh content. If your content is unique and of very high quality then other blog or sites may also link to it which is again very good for SEO and to gain traffic and popularity.

5.  Unprofessional Website Design

Many businesses still think that as far as their site is delivering the information about their product and service, the job is done regardless of the look and feel of the website. But that’s a big mistake and this can easily cost them a potential client.

Your website in many cases will be the first point of contact for may of your potential customers. The new users will judge your business based on the look and feel of the website. A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand and raise awareness about a product or service.

Hence, you should always spend good time and resources to create a beautiful website. You can also hire a quality web design services which can help you achieve a professional looking website that will create a great impression on the website visitors.


Author: Vikas Rana (Snr SEO Consultant at WebsiteFix).

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